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Poll Results: 100% of Facebook Users Don't Actually Care About Privacy

April 1, 2018 — by Per Christensson

Poll Results: 100% of Facebook Users Don't Actually Care About PrivacyIn recent weeks, Facebook has been under fire for sharing user data with the UK-based analytics company Cambridge Analytica. This data is said to have been used for targeting political ads during the 2016 US presidential election. While Facebook has been doing damage control since the news broke two weeks ago, a recent poll is now providing a new perspective on the scandal.

The poll results? 100% of Facebook users do not actually care about privacy.

The poll, published on Facebook, was closed after receiving 15,000,000 votes from users in 150 different countries. It asked a simple question: "Do you care about privacy online? Yes or No."

A stunning 14,999,903 users answered No. The 97 votes for Yes were deemed statistically insignificant and were possibly responses from bots.

The poll results came in quickly because over 5 million of the respondents shared the poll publicly on their timeline. 4 million people who shared the poll included a political opinion. Over 3 million of these posts led to comments in which people started calling each other names that they would never say in real life.

Facebook Privacy Settings.

Since the poll officially closed, over 2 million Instagram users have shared the same poll on their public Instagram story. 1.9 million of these users overlaid the poll on top of a gym selfie. 1.8 million of these posts included a caption with a quote about how to live a better life.

In a followup poll, over 50 million Facebook users admitted to complaining about privacy issues, but not actually meaning it. Over 10 million of these users have published at least one post in the past week with the hashtag #deletefacebook but they still have an active Facebook account.

While Facebook continues to grapple with privacy concerns raised by stock analysts and media outlets, the users have already gotten back to what they do best — posting things publicly without thinking twice.

Happy Easter and Happy April Fools. (=^_^=)