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Apple Announces $12,000 Mac Pro and Display Combo

June 3, 2019 — by Per Christensson

Apple Announces $12,000 Mac Pro and Display ComboGood news! Apple finally announced a new Mac Pro and Apple Display.

Bad news - the display is $5,000 without a stand. Add the $6,000 "entry-level" Mac Pro and a $1,000 stand for the monitor and the total is $12,000 before tax. At least both the computer and monitor both double as cheese graters.

2019 Apple Mac Pro and Apple Display Pricing

If you watched the keynote today, you had the pleasure of witnessing one of the most awkward moments in Apple Keynote history. After describing the new Mac Pro and display, the speaker announced the pricing. After shocking the audience with a five-thousand dollar price tag for the Apple monitor, he said the stand will be $999.

There was an audible gasp from the audience. No, it was definitely more of a groan. The groan was so loud that it completely deflated the excitement about everything Apple had just announced. What a sad moment for pro users after we have waited over five years for a new Mac Pro and new displays.

$6,000 is not unreasonable for the new ultra-powerful Mac Pro, though I would have liked to see a sub-$5,000 entry point for users who just need the basic modular system unit. I also think $5,000 is too much for the only display Apple is offering, even with the "reference" monitor color quality. But $1,000 for the stand?

Apple - you just insulted all the pro users who have been waiting patiently for new hardware for the past half-decade.

I hope Apple reconsiders this serious misstep and includes the stand with the $5,000 price tag before they officially launch the display this fall.