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Use a Silent Mode Backup

November 2023 — Tip of the Month

We've all experienced that awkward moment when someone's phone rings in a quiet setting. Maybe you've experienced it first hand — you thought your phone was on silent mode, but then RINGGGGG!.

Whether it's a classroom or boardroom, the unexpected ring or alert from a phone is distracting and embarrassing. To avoid this uncomfortable situation, here's a "backup silent mode" tip:

Turn down the volume.

Turn Down Phone Volume

Of all the PC.net tips from the past decade, this one might be the least profound. But it is effective. If you're entering a wedding, funeral, church service, or other occasion where your phone absolutely cannot interrupt:

  1. Turn on silent mode.
  2. Turn down the volume.

If your mute switch unexpectedly gets bumped and your phone rings, the blast radius will only be a few people sitting next to you rather than the entire room.

Important: I've found myself doing this even more with my new iPhone 15 Pro, which has an "action button" rather than a physical toggle for silent mode. While it's unlikely the button will get pressed for the two seconds it takes to switch modes, it's not impossible. Lowering the volume ensures I won't be "that guy" whose phone rings in the middle of the crowded room.

- Per Christensson