File Type 1 Generic IconBeatMania Song File
File Format Proprietary (Konami)
Usage Open manually
Popularity ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆  Common

Song file used by BeatMania, a rhythm video game with a DJ controller interface; saved in a text format and stores data referenced during the playback of song; includes the song title, artist, genre, BPM (beats per minute), number of players, note positions, references to sound effect files, and other information.

BMS files are native to BeatMania, a console-based video game, but can be opened by StepMania on a PC.

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Updated 2007
File Type 2 Generic IconBIOWRAP Multi-Layer Security File
File Format Proprietary (Nation Technologies)
Usage Referenced by an application; not meant to be opened manually; may run a program or script when opened
Popularity ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆  Average

A BMS file is an encrypted file created by the BIOWRAP System. It may contain any time of data and can be transmitted in any form, such as via email or a flash drive.

Each BMS file is locked using a specific authentication method. Authentication options include biometric validation, x509 PKI certificate verification, and a BIOWRAP username and password combination.

BMS files can be opened with the free BIOWRAP Reader application or via BIOWRAP website. However, you can only view the contents of a BMS file if complete the necessary authentication steps.

Info About Nation Technologies BIOWRAP Reader

BIOWRAP Reader is a utility used for opening encrypted BIOWRAP files. It allows users to authenticate themselves and view the contents of documents secured using BIOWRAP System. All activity, including unauthorized access attempts, associated may be logged in a central Writer’s Accountability Report.

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IconNation Technologies BIOWRAP Reader

Updated July 7, 2011
Information from the PC File Extensions Reference