File Type 1 Mac OS X Installer Package IconMac OS X Installer Package
File Format Standard (developed by Apple)
Usage Open manually
Rank ★ ★ ★  Common

Package of compressed installer files used to install a software program; commonly used for installing software in Mac OS X; may be installed individually or referenced by an installer script included with the software.

Double-click the package to install the files. Right-click (Control-click) and select "Show Package Contents" to view the files stored in the package. Apple Installer is the built-in utility for opening PKG files included with Mac OS X.

Open With

IconApple Installer

IconCharlesSoft Pacifist

Updated January 23, 2012
File Type 2 Generic IconPlayStation Store Downloaded Package
File Format Proprietary (Sony)
Usage Referenced by an application; not meant to be opened manually
Rank ★ ★ ☆  Average

File downloaded from Sony's PlayStation Store, an online store with games, movies, and demos for PS3 and PSP devices; used specifically for downloadable games, game updates, and demos; saved in an encrypted format that is only recognized by compatible Sony devices.

Packages downloaded from the PlayStation Store can be transferred to a PSP or PS3 via USB, Memory Stick, or a network connection.

Open With

IconTransfer to a Sony PS3 or PSP


IconTransfer to a Sony PS3 or PSP

Updated January 8, 2009
Information from the PC File Extensions Reference