File Type Microsoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet IconMicrosoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet
File Format Proprietary (Microsoft)
Usage Open manually
Rank ★ ★ ★  Common

Spreadsheet format introduced with Microsoft Excel 2007 (part of Office 12); stores data in cells arranged in rows and columns; based on the Open XML format and includes ZIP compression for smaller file sizes.

XLSX files are backwards compatible with Microsoft Excel 2000 and 2003 via component support; they are also recognized by Microsoft Windows Server with the GemBox.Spreadsheet .NET component.

Info About Microsoft Excel

Excel is a popular spreadsheet program. It is widely used by businesses, but is also available to consumers. Excel includes advanced spreadsheet capabilities and supports complex formulas, which can be used to calculate the values of individual cells. It is commonly used to create and store "sheets" of data in an organized format.

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