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Can I install Microsoft Works and Microsoft Word on the same computer?

Answer: Yes, there should be no problem installing and running Microsoft Works and Microsoft Word on the same machine. The two programs use different preference files and therefore should not conflict with each other. However, this also means your user settings and options may be different in each program, meaning you'll have to customize them in both Works and Word.

Many Windows-based computers come with Microsoft Works installed, and people sometimes choose to upgrade to the more robust Microsoft Word program for word processing. Word can be installed by itself, but is most commonly installed as part of Microsoft Office. If you choose to use Word instead of Works, you can save your documents from Word as a Microsoft Works file so that Works will have no problem opening it. However, since Word has more formatting options than Works, you may lose some advanced formatting when saving the file as a Works document. Documents with basic formatting should look the same way no matter how you save them.

Published: April 4, 2005 — by Per Christensson

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