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What are some examples of computer peripheral devices?

Answer: A computer peripheral, or peripheral device, is an external object that provides input and output for the computer. Some common input devices include:

  • keyboard
  • mouse
  • touchscreen
  • pen tablet
  • joystick
  • MIDI keyboard
  • scanner
  • digital camera
  • video camera
  • microphone

Some common output devices include:

  • monitor
  • projector
  • TV screen
  • printer
  • plotter
  • speakers

There are also devices that function as both input and output devices, such as:

While these are some of the more common peripherals, there are many other kinds as well. Just remember that any external device that provides input to the computer or receives output from the computer is considered a peripheral.

Published: April 26, 2005   —   Updated: November 15, 2012 — by Per Christensson

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