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What does the phrase "System Analysis" mean?

Answer: A System Analysis refers to analyzing a computer's hardware and software resources. It is often done for diagnostic or troubleshooting purposes. Running a system analysis can also be helpful when determining if your computer meets a software program's system requirements.

A basic system analysis can be performed in Windows using the Microsoft System Information utility (Msinfo32.exe). This program can be opened by clicking the Start Menu and selecting Programs → Accessories → System Tools → System Information. You can also use the Run option in the Start Menu and type Msinfo32.exe, then click OK.

Mac users can view information about their computer's resources using the System Profiler application, which is stored in the /Applications/Utilities folder. You can also access the System Profiler by selecting Apple Menu → About this Mac, then clicking the More Info button in the open window.

Published: March 8, 2010 — by Per Christensson

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