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What is an insertion point?

Answer: An "insertion point" is the location within a text document where the next character will be inserted. In most text editors and word processing programs, this location is identified by a flashing cursor called an "I-beam pointer". When you type a character on the keyboard, it will be placed directly to the right of the cursor. As you type, the insertion point will continue to move to the right as each character is entered.

Most text editors allow you to move the insertion point by using the arrow keys or by clicking somewhere else within the text document. You can select a block of text by holding the Shift key while clicking in a different location within the text. This will select the text between the insertion point and the place where you clicked. You can also hold Shift key and press the left or right arrow keys to select individual characters to the left or right of the insertion point.

Published: August 5, 2010 — by Per Christensson

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