PC.net History

Part 7 — 2023

... and that brings us to the present day.

Nearly 13 years passed between PC.net version 6 and version 7. Perhaps it was an oversight by the PC.net development team, or maybe the old design was so good, it had over a decade of staying-power. 🤔

Whatever the case, in 2023, it was time for redesign. The new, more modern look makes the pages more welcoming and easier to read both on desktop and mobile devices. New additions like the term of the day, question of the day, and searchable pages make the site more dynamic and easier to navigate. The News, Reviews, and Tips sections are easier to find as well.

2023 PC.net Home Page

I hope you have enjoyed this tour through the history PC.net. If you have any comments or suggestions for the site, please let me know. After all, the reason I've kept working on the website all these years is because of visitors like you!

- Per Christensson

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