PC.net History Part Six - 2010

The sixth version of Sharpened.net (which became PC.net on May 1, 2012) is what you see today. It is the first version I designed in Dreamweaver since Adobe stopped developing GoLive several years ago. While it was difficult to move on from GoLive, using Dreamweaver gave me an opportunity to develop the website by hand-coding each page. While it sounds somewhat arduous (and it was at times), I found this method gave me more control over the exact appearance of each page and allowed me to create pages with much more efficient code.

Since I chose to hand-code the new design, I also decided it to implement some brand new technologies that were not yet supported by graphical editors. These include HTML5 and CSS3. While these Web standards are still not supported by all browsers, they offer great features that make it easy to structure Web page layout and stylize the content of each page. I am excited to see what future possibilities these technologies offer as the standards become universally adopted.

I hope you have enjoyed learning about the history of PC.net. If you have any comments or suggestions for the site, please let me know. After all, the reason I've kept working on the website all these years is because of visitors like you!

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