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One Year Anniversary!

May 14, 2000 — by Per Christensson

Today, my friends, is the 1st Anniversary of Sharpened.net. It's also a few days after my 20th birthday, but that doesn't really matter. What matters is that one year later, Sharpened.net is still up and running. Amazing. And I thought this Internet thing was just a fad.

While most people have a big party or something on their birthday, I like to sit in front of my computer and update Sharpened.net. Some people may think this is strange, some people may think I have problems, and some may even say I don't have a life. Well, they're probably right. But the point is, even through all the toils and snares, Sharpened.net has survived, and it remains a Computer and Internet Resource powerhouse to this day.

Thank you to all the loyal visitors who visit the site at least once a year. Your presence is the driving force behind Sharpened.net. Now, it is time to embark on year two of providing the best computing information known to mankind. Brace yourself for a bumpy ride.