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A Little More Dynamic

May 29, 2000 — by Per Christensson

Let's see... May 29th minus May 14th... that's 15 days. Doh. Well, as always, I have been rather busy lately. Things like a new job and moving into a house sort of take priority over Sharpened.net updates. I'm learning a little more about ASP, Perl, and PHP (web scripting languages for you normal people), so I might be able to make Sharpened.net a little more dynamic in the future. More importantly, it should help make the site easier to update.

However, my recent audio equipment purchases may take a toll on my motivation to further my knowledge of web development. In a recent trip to Guitar Center, my friend Steve and I picked up some new recording equipment that should sufficiently take up our free time. With my keyboard and his drums, we've already managed to produce a decent near-studio-quality recording. If all goes well, you may find some audio samples here on the web site in the coming months.