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August 6, 2000 – by Per Christensson

So I've been working like mad for the last two weeks updating the site design. It's coming along nicely, but, of course, it's more work than I expected. Not only am I completely revamping the design of Sharpened.net, I'm also changing the majority of the pages from standard HTML to PHP. This involves a lot of programming, which includes getting frustrated when things don't work and wishing I had never started the process in the first place. That's when I decide to just go ahead and work on the design some more.

One thing I've always believed in is content over visual effects. This is especially relevant to Sharpened.net as its primary purpose is to be an information site. Unfortunately, during this updating process, I have had little time to add new content, but have spent a lot of time on design. So, I promise to add some new content (especially to the the Glossary and the Help Center) as soon as this updating process is completed. "So when is that going to be?" you ask. Well, if all goes well (as if that ever happens), the new Sharpened.net should be active around next weekend. We'll see.

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