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Internet Fasting

September 16, 2002 — by Per Christensson

Thanks to all of you who have written comments and suggestions about the new version of Sharpened.net. I want to especially thank all of you who have written within the last week and a half, because I haven't read your letters yet.

Wait, that doesn't make sense. Yeah, I know. I moved to a new place a little over a week ago and have not had Internet access since then. The phone company said the earliest they could get the DSL line up would be two weeks, which will be September 20th.

For me, two weeks without Internet access is roughly equivalent to fasting for a month. So I said to the nice phone company representative, "Is there any way you could do it sooner?" He said, "No, that's just the way it is." I said, "How about one week?" He said, "No." I said, "How about two days?" He said, "No." Man, some people just don't know how to negotiate.

So here I am in an undisclosed location updating the site via my special online SQL interface, using a first-generation iMac. However, since all my e-mail and Web site files are stored on my personal computer, I have to wait until I get my own Internet access before I can update the site design or respond to all your wonderful e-mails.

I hope to respond to all your letters shortly after September 20th. That is, after I have sorted through the 1.3 million spam messages (rough estimate) that will also be crowding my mailbox. As always, thanks for your patience and understanding.