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Back Online

October 12, 2002 — by Per Christensson

I can't believe I used to live in an era when people didn't have Internet access. It really makes one wonder how mankind survived. I don't know. All I know is that I barely survived three weeks without access to the Internet. However, I am now back online and life is good.

The only downside of regaining my precious Internet connection is the swampload of e-mail that I had waiting in my Inbox. Not that e-mail is a bad thing, but trying to get back to hundreds of letters in a timely manner is like writing personalized Christmas cards to all your friends and family the week before Christmas. It becomes more of a task than it should be.

The good news is that I am finally getting caught up on my correspondence with all you invaluable Sharpened.net visitors. I have been making notes from your suggestions and have compiled a list of the top requested terms to add to the glossary. Hey, this isn't Ameritech — your feedback really does count.

So look for a bunch of exciting updates to the Glossary and Help Center pages over the next few days and weeks. If you haven't received a response to your e-mail yet, I hope to get back to you soon. Peace.