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Yet Another Off-Site Update

December 12, 2002 – by Per Christensson

Well, here I am writing yet another update from an off-site location. I suppose that this is indicative of my recent busy schedule. It seems like I either have absolutely nothing to do or absolutely no time to do anything. I guess you could say my polar schedules balance each other out, but not in the way I would prefer. I'd rather the weights lay near the center of the balance than be hanging on the ends.

Needless to say (though I will anyway), I have once again fallen behind in my Sharpened.net e-mail correspondence and I apologize for that. I am not reticent to reply to visitor e-mails; instead I enjoy reading and responding to your letters. It is just difficult to write thoughtful replies when I am short on time. I hope that soon I will be able to gain a much needed hiatus from my current schedule and reply to all your wonderful letters. Thanks.

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