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Happy 2003!

January 10, 2003 – by Per Christensson

So here we are in 2003. It doesn't feel that much different if you ask me. I'm still writing my dates using "02", then saying, "doh!," and changing the "2" into a semi-legible "3", but that's about it.

I hope you all had a nice holiday season and a good New Year's. Mine was good, thank you for asking. However, like usual, I have been so busy, I have had little time to reply to visitor e-mails. In the short time that I did have, I made a couple of small improvements to the site, including some performance improvements and some small design changes. (Sounds like a x.1 version update, I know.)

However, I am terribly far behind on my e-mail correspondence. I will do my best to get back to everybody who has written and if you receive a shorter-than usual reply, please understand. Thanks!

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