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Slacking Off? Not Really.

March 11, 2003 — by Per Christensson

OK, it's been awhile since the last editor's update. I know. That doesn't mean I have forgetten about the site, it just means that there have been other things in my life that have taken a little higher priority over the last couple weeks, er, months.

Among those things have been composing and recording with my Yamaha Motif keyboard. I recently purchased a new recording program, Cubase SX which has taken a significant portion of my "free" time over the last few days. You can listen to some of the recent stuff I have worked on at my Music Page. While I like to get feedback about the Web site, I especially like receiving comments about my music. So feel free to drop me a line sometime.

And just so you know, while I haven't written an editor's update in awhile, I have been making many small improvements to the site and have been adding terms to the glossary and questions to the help center, as always. So don't worry, just because it doesn't look like I am working hard, it doesn't mean I'm slacking off. Of course, the inverse of that statement may be true as well...