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A Clean Inbox

January 26, 2004 – by Per Christensson

I saw something today I haven't seen in a long time — a clean Inbox. I followed through on my New Year's resolution and replied to those hundreds of e-mails that had been sitting dormant in my Inbox for far too long. My apologies to those of you who had to wait over half a year to get a reply...

So the good news is, I now have a clean slate and it will be much easier to keep current with my e-mail, which means much faster replies. The bad news is, if you haven't received a reply to your e-mail by now, you most likely are not going to get one. There were just some messages that had been sitting around for too long to warrant a reply. If you never received a reply to your letter, please feel free to send another message. There is a much better chance you will receive a prompt reply this time.

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