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Glossary Updates at Hyperspeed

November 23, 2004 — by Per Christensson

I have been updating the Glossary at hyperspeed lately. I've added 13 terms so far this week and plan to add another 20 before the week is over. A big reason for my increased Glossary-updating perfomance is the influx of glossary term suggestions I have received recently. I figure if visitors can take the time to write and request a definition, I can find the time to add it.

Another reason that I've been adding so many terms recently is that new computer terms just keep showing up. The computer industry just won't let me take a break! Blue seems to be a popular color in technology these days, as indicated by the newly added Bluetooth and Blu-ray definitions. I've also added some older terms such as Controller Card and a detailed definition of Safe Mode. So thanks for all your suggestions and keep them coming!