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June 1, 2005 – by Per Christensson

The recently renovated File Extensions section has proved to be a popular addition to the site. So popular in fact, I've had to nearly double the number of file extensions in the database during the past few weeks, just to appease demand. There are now over 230 extensions listed, but considering there are tens of thousands of file extensions available, you can expect the list to continue growing for a long time to come.

I should point out that each file extension includes the file type, a description of the file, and the program used to open it. This is a significant difference between the Sharpened File Extensions section and other file extension lists floating around on the Web. When you need help with a file extension, you most likely want to know what the file is and how you can open it -- not just a basic definition of the file. I hope that the Sharpened File Extensions section will serve to accomplish this purpose.

I have taken a similar approach in writing the definitions for the computer terms in the Sharpened Glossary. There is a definite distinction between defining a term and actually explaining it. I do my best to not just define the terms, but to explain them as well. This means translating the computer jargon into everyday language and using examples to create a more clear definition. I have read definitions on other sites that, even with a Computer Science degree, I have trouble understanding. A glossary is not very useful if the definitions are difficult to comprehend. It might as well be written in a foreign language. Hopefully you will find that the Sharpened Glossary is true to its slogan and the definitions really are "easy to understand."

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