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How Time Flies

February 2, 2006 — by Per Christensson

What just happened? Is it really February already? Do you ever arrive at the beginning of a month only to wonder if the previous month even exisited?

That's how I feel about January. Consumed by a plethora of projects, droves of deadlines, and endless e-mails, I seem to have bypassed a good month of my life. Granted, I did accomplish a lot, but perhaps it was at the cost of enjoying my time. Starting today, I aim to slow down and reflect more regularly on the important things in life. This includes taking the focus off myself and looking to the needs of others.

But enough about me and on to the website. Starting in 2006 (well, February, 2006), I have added a new "Headline" field for my editor updates. Now, each update will include a headline that precedes the update. This makes the format more like a newspaper, in which you can just skim the headlines to see if there is anything interesting you want to read. So, if no headlines catch your attention, you won't have to waste any extra time reading through my personal rantings.

In other news, I have already added many new Glossary terms, Help Center answers, and File Extensions this year. So check out the pages to see the new additions. I am also planning on adding a new feature to the site by the end of the month. So, come back soon to find out what it is!