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7 Years Old

May 11, 2006 — by Per Christensson

Today marks the seventh anniversary of Sharpened.net. Wow, it's amazing how long it takes for seven years to fly by. What I mean is that, on one hand, it seems incredible that Sharpened.net has already been around for seven years. But also, looking back, I know there have been many long hours put into the developing and growing the site. For a glimpse of this exciting journey, you can read about the History of Sharpened.net.

Today also makes a good day to start a new Sharpened.net Poll. The last poll asked you what your favorite search engine was. Not surprisingly, Google won pretty easily, with Yahoo! in second place. I was a bit surprised, however, that MSN Search ended up in fifth place, behind Altavista and Ask Jeeves. It looks like Microsoft has their work cut out for them if they want to be a serious competitor in the online search market.

The new poll asks another Web-related question, which is "What is your favorite Web browser?" Maybe you're one of those people who have never used anything but the Internet Explorer browser included with your operating system. Maybe you have downloaded Firefox and don't plan on ever using IE again. Or maybe you're a Mac user who is content with Apple's Safari browser. Whatever the case, cast your vote using the poll on the right and let your voice be heard!