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Summer Break?

August 8, 2009 — by Per Christensson

It has been nearly three months since my last Editor's Update. Have I been slacking in the aftermath of Sharpened.net's tenth anniversary? Or have I just been on summer vacation? It may surprise you that neither is the case. I have actually been adding busy new content at a frantic pace during the past few months. I've added hundreds of new database entries, including glossary definitions, acronyms, emoticons, and file extensions. I just haven't published any Editor's Updates for awhile.

So why the undue update delay? Well, I am not one for excessive excuses, but I did fall a bit behind in my e-mail correspondence when I recently moved to a new location. And, as some might remember, I once made a particular point to stay current with my e-mail and to avoid e-mail bankruptcy at all costs. Therefore, I have focused my time on responding to your messages rather than writing more blithering blogs. After all, I imagine you would feel naturally neglected if I posted updates while ignoring your mail.

I have said it before, and it is worth saying again – your feedback is the foundation of Sharpened.net. When you submit ideas and suggestions, I take them seriously. Most of the time, your suggestions end up as part of the website content in one way or another. Therefore, I always appreciate your feedback and am glad to have received an abundance of suggestions during the past few months.

Fortunately, I am now current with my e-mail correspondence and have time to compose my updates as usual. So send me your feedback and you may be able to delay my rants for awhile longer.