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Why I Like Bill Gates

July 12, 2011 – by Per Christensson

Say what you will about Bill Gates – he's actually a pretty nice guy. Sure, he has an estimated net worth of $56 billion, but that doesn't make him a greedy or selfish person.

In 2008, Bill Gates stepped down as chairman of Microsoft to focus his efforts on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It's estimated that he and his wife have personally given over $28 billion to charity. He plans on giving away most of his wealth to charity in his lifetime, leaving only $10 million to each of his children.

Bill Gates' philanthropy is admirable by any measure. Yet earlier today, I heard a quote from Bill Gates that impressed me even more. In a 1999 interview with Charlie Rose from 60 minutes, Gates said of his wife Melinda, "I'm more lucky in terms of having Melinda than anything else in my life." Surprised, Charlie Rose asked, "Than anything in your life?" Bill Gates replied, "Oh yes."

When you consider Bill Gates' life and the fortune he has amassed, that is quite a statement. He values his wife more than any success or fortune. When I was younger, I saw Bill Gates as the leader of the Evil Empire. Now I see him as the type of man I would like to be someday.

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