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What a World Cup

July 19, 2011 – by Per Christensson

2011 World Cup Most of my updates are related to technology in one way or another, but every once in awhile I feel the need to write about something else. After all, I do have at least somewhat of a life outside of the computer world. At least I'd like to think I do.

During the past few weeks, I enjoyed watching one of the best soccer World Cups I've ever seen. And yes, it was the women's World Cup. Nearly every game I watched was exciting from start to finish. You could sense the determination in each player as they gave everything each game. I was also impressed by the skill of the players, whose technique and crisp passing rival the men's national teams. As a soccer player myself, it was a joy to watch.

This World Cup was also special since my favorite teams, the U.S, Sweden, and Japan all placed in the top three standings. While they didn't place in that order, the odds of my three favorite teams finishing in the top three spots is pretty incredible.

Of course, I wanted the U.S. team to win. Their win over Brazil was one of the most exciting soccer games I have ever seen. I really thought they would win it all (as most people probably did). But to see Japan's determination in the final game against the U.S. was truly inspiring. They came back twice, once in regular time and once in overtime, then kept their composure to win in penalty kicks. It was hard to see the U.S. lose, but at the same time I was glad to see Japan win. The people of Japan now have something to smile about after such a difficult year.

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