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Will Apple Rise this Fall?

September 5, 2013 – by Per Christensson

Apple iPhone with iOS 7 Apple has been driving innovation in the tech world for the past several years, but the company seems to have taken a break the past twelve months. Instead of being in the driver's seat, Apple has been content to be a backseat passenger, watching other companies like Google and Samsung lead the way.

When I went to CES earlier this year, I had to admit Samsung's mobile offerings were more impressive than Apple's. It was clear that Apple had some work cut out for itself if the company wanted to regain the throne of innovation. We'll find out if that's true on September 10th.

Next Tuesday, Apple will announce several new products, including a new iPhone. Two new iPhone models are widely expected – the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S. While the plastic iPhone 5C should help Apple get into the lower-priced markets, the iPhone 5S doesn't appear to be too impressive. Most notably, the 5S isn't expected to have a bigger screen, which is the one thing I wish my iPhone had. If Apple doesn't announce a larger iPhone on Tuesday, I will be disappointed and I'm sure many other people will be as well.

Other products Apple may announce include an an iOS-powered wristwatch (a.k.a. "iWatch"), new iPads, a new Apple TV, and possibly new iMacs and laptops. I expect the company will also finalize the release date of the new Mac Pro, which is the announcement that excites me the most. I really hope Apple introduces a new Hi-DPI Thunderbolt retina display, which would make that new Mac Pro even more appealing.

Some of Apple's expected products have the potential to revolutionize our daily lives. I hope Apple's announcements "surprise and delight" as the company has done so well in the past. If not, I and many others will wonder if the Apple of the future will ever lead the way like it did with Steve Jobs.

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