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Why I Don't Want a Smartwatch

May 5, 2015 — by Per Christensson

Why I Don't Want a SmartwatchIt's been a few weeks since Apple released the much anticipated Apple Watch. I still don't have one. I own at least a dozen Apple products and I bought the original iPhone the day it was released back in 2007. But I just can't find a reason to buy the Apple Watch — or any smartwatch for that matter.

Regular visitors know that I never really wanted an Apple Watch. However, I kept an open mind leading up to the release date and even went into my local Apple Store to try out the Watch the first day it made a public appearance on April 10. But I wasn't impressed.

My reason for not wanting an Apple Watch is not because I don't usually wear a watch or because the interface is too small. It's not because it only works with Apple devices or because it has a short battery life. The main reason for my aversion towards the Apple Watch is simple — I don't want another device.

I spend most of my day working in front of a desktop computer. When I travel, I work from my laptop. Occasionally, I'll watch a video on my iPad. I have my smartphone on me at all times and check it way too frequently. The last thing I need is another digital device to distract me from the world around me.

We've all stood in lines where every single person is staring down at their smartphone like a zombie. Maybe you were one of them before you took a quick glance up. These days you can walk through an entire airport terminal without anyone noticing you. Laptops, tablets, and smartphones have stolen our attention. Now we want to add another device to the mix?

My iPhone is distracting enough. I've recently been trying to use it less so that I can live my life more like a human and less like a robot. A smartwatch is a strap in the wrong direction. Sure, it might it easier to check text messages, view news updates, and and see stock alerts. But I don't want those things to be easier! I already receive too many notifications. Having them show up on my wrist seems more like a nightmare than a dream come true.

The practical functionality of smartwatches remains to be seen. Maybe we'll all be wearing them one day. Maybe we'll put on our Google glasses, Apple Watches, and bluetooth headsets every time we leave the house. Or maybe, most smartwatch users will be like the guy I met last year who used an LG smartwatch for six months. I asked him what he did with it and he replied, "I mainly just use it to check the time."