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Happy 16th Birthday PC.net

May 14, 2015 — by Per Christensson

Happy 16th Birthday PC.netIf PC.net was a self-driving car, it could drive itself today.

I launched this website on May 14, 1999 and it has been going strong ever since. Sure, it's gone through some changes, including a name change (from Sharpened.net) and many redesigns, but the mission has always remained the same — to sharpen your knowledge of the computers and the Internet.

For the past eight years or so, I've been running a business and working on several other projects, so I haven't invested as much time into PC.net as I would like. However, I have continued to make regular updates and I've been adding new content pretty consistently. I have a few other website projects planned for this summer and fall, but after that I plan to make PC.net a top priority.

Thanks to everyone who remembered PC.net's birthday this year. This website would have no purpose without visitors like you! I'm glad you can celebrate PC.net's 16th (or 24) birthday with me. I look forward to celebrating PC.net's 25 birthday with you 16 years from now!