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Microsoft Releases Windows 10

July 29, 2015 – by Per Christensson

Microsoft Releases Windows 10Microsoft released Windows 10 today and I'm not sure how I feel.

Part of me is excited because it's a new version of Windows that brings back the Start Menu and adds several new features. Then there's part of me that says don't get your hopes up. I have been disappointed so many times with Microsoft's releases over the past few years, it's hard for me to be optimistic.

The good news is that Microsoft seems to have listened to their user community during the process of developing Windows 10. Along with bringing back (and even improving) the Start Menu, the new version of Windows is better suited for desktop computers and laptops. It includes a "Continuum" feature that automatically optimizes the user interface based on whether you are using a keyboard or touchscreen. The one-size fits all tile-based interface introduced with Windows 8.1 was clearly a flop and thankfully Microsoft made steps to correct it in Windows 10.

Other Windows features include Cortana, a built-in voice-controlled assistant, an integrated Xbox app, Groove – a new music app, and Companion Phone – an app that supports iPhone, Android, and Windows phones. It also includes Microsoft Edge, a new web browser that actually replaces Internet Explorer. I can almost hear the celebrations of web developers around the world.

Microsoft's new OS looks promising, but I know better than to get my hopes too high. Already today, I have cause for concern as my tech team has run into several issues installing Windows 10 on our Windows 8 devices. We've encountered blank alert boxes, incorrect language settings, several typos, and worst of all, infinite loops that prevent us from installing the new OS. If large organizations are going to move to Windows 10, the upgrade process needs to be hassle-free. Therefore, I'm guessing many businesses will wait until the initial bugs are ironed out.

The good news is that Microsoft is offering the Windows 10 upgrade for free, which is a first for the company. I think it's a great idea, since it will help build the Windows 10 user base much faster than than previous versions of Windows. This is good for Windows software developers and for the user community as a whole. I just hope Microsoft's latest OS lives up to the hype.

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