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22 Years of PC.net

May 14, 2021 — by Per Christensson

22 Years of PC.netToday is the 22nd birthday of PC.net. 🎂

It is a bit surreal to think I've been running this site for 22 years, considering I wasn't even 20 years old when I launched the site. I guess that means I have been publishing updates on PC.net for over half my life. 😳

As long-time visitors know, I launched the site as Sharpened.net, which became PC.net after I purchased the domain name. If you don't believe me, you can type "sharpened.net" in the address bar of your browser, press Enter, and see what happens. The website's sword favicon is homage to the old "Sharpened" name.

Speaking of Sharpened, my updates have been less frequent in recent years since I've been spending more time running my business, Sharpened Productions, the company behind PC.net. That's my reason (excuse?) for not publishing updates as often. It's hard to keep up consistent website maintenance for 20+ years, but I've done my best. The feedback I receive from visitors (like you) is my primary motivation. So thanks for all the nice emails!

Stay tuned for some exciting updates in 2021.