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Glossary Images!

January 23, 2024 — by Per Christensson

Glossary Images!The PC.net Glossary now includes images! And it only took me 25 years.

When I first published this site in 1999, the web was a much different place. I could get away with text-based articles and still generate decent traffic. Those days are long gone. When was the last time you visited a webpage without images?

"A picture is worth a thousand words." It's a well-known cliché but also a reasonable estimate. In some cases, a picture might only be worth a few words. In others, an image is worth several thousand. For example, I could write paragraphs explaining what a desktop computer is, but a simple image gets the point across more quickly.

Desktop Computer Definition Image

And "simple" is my goal with PC.net. You won't find detailed real-life photos in the glossary. Instead, I've opted for simple SVGs that visually represent each term. I've added over 200 images so far and hope to get through the entire glossary later this year.