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Try a Smart Doorbell

December 2023 — Tip of the Month

I just installed my first smart doorbell. One week later, I can confidently say it was a good decision.

As much as I like technology, I rarely go after the latest gadgets. Many are gimmicky, low-quality, or unnecessary. Smart appliances, like Wi-Fi-enabled toasters and microwaves, come to mind. I bought a "smart" Weber grill last year and haven't used the Wi-Fi once.

But a smart doorbell... that makes more sense. Not only does the built-in camera provide security by recording the porch area, it also serves as a deterrent to potential porch pirates. I took the plunge and installed the ecobee Smart Doorbell last week:

Ecobee Smart Doorbell Installed

I knew the doorbell would provide extra security, but I was surprised by the extra convenience. When someone rings the doorbell, the ecobee app notifies me, and I can quickly check on my phone to see who it is. No more running down the stairs and checking the front door just to see the FedEx delivery person driving away.

I also upgraded my 12-year-old ecobee thermostat to the new "Smart Thermostat Premium," which displays a video feed from the camera when someone is at the door. So I can peek at the thermostat in the hallway and determine if I need to answer the door. Nice.

ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium Doorbell Video

Not all digital gadgets are worth buying, but so far, the smart doorbell seems to be a wise investment. Paired with the smart thermostat, it's a nice security/convenience upgrade for my home.

- Per Christensson