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Use Your Phone to Charge Your Devices

May 2024 — Tip of the Month

Did you know a smartphone can work as a portable charger?

It's true: USB-C devices, like the iPhone 15, can send an electrical charge to another device. So, if your smartwatch is running low, all you need is a charging cable and your phone, and you can charge your smartwatch on the go. I've used my iPhone 15 to charge both my Apple Watch and my AirPods before my workout several times. A quick 10-minute charge is typically enough to get them through a one-hour workout.

Using an iPhone 15 Pro to charge an Apple Watch

▶ If your USB-C phone supports external charging, it will typically charge the connected device until its own charge is equal to the device it's charging. In other words, it shouldn't completely drain itself to charge another device.

You'll still need a cable to charge another device, whether USB-C to USB-C, USB-C to Lightning (for my old AirPods), or USB-C to Apple Watch (that annoying Apple Watch disc charger). So throw an extra cable in your car, backpack, or workout bag, and you'll be able to charge your devices straight from your phone.

Important: Other USB-C devices, like laptops, also support external charging. So you may be able to charge a low-battery phone from your computer as well.

- Per Christensson