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File Type 1 Dynamic Link Library IconDynamic Link Library
File Format Proprietary (Microsoft)
Usage Open manually
Rank ★ ★ ★  Common

Compiled set of procedures and/or drivers referenced by a software program; allows the application to access system functions and communicate with a printer or other peripheral devices.

Many DLL files are included with the Windows operating system, while others are often installed with Windows programs; modifying the contents of a DLL file may cause errors within the program that references the file; therefore, it is wise not to open or edit DLL files.

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Updated 2007
File Type 2 Generic IconDLL Dynamic Web Page
File Format Standard
Usage Open manually; may be referenced by an application; may run a program or script when opened
Rank ★ ★ ☆  Average

Web page generated dynamically when accessed by a user; may incorporate server-side scripts, such as Perl or VB scripts that generate the HTML for the Web page.

Web pages with DLL file extensions are typically hosted on Microsoft IIS Web servers. The DLL extension must be mapped to the correct scripting engine on the server in order for the page to be processed correctly.

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IconAny Web browser

Updated 2007