File Type Apple Disk Image IconApple Disk Image
File Format Proprietary (Apple)
Usage Open manually
Rank ★ ★ ★  Common

DMG is the standard disk image format used by Mac OS X. It supports both file compression and encryption. When opened, a DMG file will mount a virtual disk on the desktop. Because the DMG format is natively supported by Mac OS X, Macintosh software installers are often distributed as DMG files over the Internet.

Important: Since the DMG format is designed for Mac OS X, DMG files are not meant to be opened or mounted on Windows systems. However, some Windows programs can extract the contents of a DMG file.

Info About Apple Disk Utility

Disk Utility is a utility bundled with Mac OS X. It is used to mount, unmount, erase and initialize disks. The program can also create and open disk image files. The "Restore" feature supports full disk restores from either a disk image or a physical disk.

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Updated December 9, 2011
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