File Type Vectorworks Design File IconVectorworks Design File
File Format Proprietary (Nemetschek)
Usage Open manually
Rank ★ ★ ★  Common

2D or 3D design created with Vectorworks CAD software; created by Vectorworks 2008 and later; may contain two-dimensional drafting images or three-dimensional models.

The Vectorworks suite includes the following programs:

  • Designer - a multipurpose design solution
  • Architect - for creating architectural designs
  • Landmark - for site and landscape design
  • Spotlight - a lighting design and simulation program
  • Machine Design - for creating machine parts and mechanical systems
  • Fundamentals - a flexible 3D modeling program
  • RenderWorks - renders designs created Vectorworks software
Important: The VWX format was introduced with Vectorworks 2008 and cannot be opened by Vectorworks 12.5 or earlier.

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