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A computer tutorial is an interactive software program created as a learning tool. Tutorials help people learn new skills by using a step-by-step process that ensures the user is following along and comprehending the material. For example, a Web development tutorial may begin with instructions on how to create a basic Web page. This page might only include the words "Welcome to my website" on it and use the minimum HTML required in order for the page to load in a Web browser. Once the user is able to create a working Web page, the tutorial may explain how to add other features, such as styled text, table layouts, and images, to the page. Then the tutorial may provide instructions on how to publish the Web page to the Internet.

Some software tutorials provide testing features to ensure comprehension of the material, while others may be simple walkthroughs of a software program. Tutorials can be used for both school and business purposes and are written for basic, intermediate, and advanced users. Even smart computer programmers use tutorials. Most software development programs include a tutorial for creating a "Hello World!" program, which is the most basic program that can be created with the software. Since tutorials offer a gradual approach to learning, they can be helpful to people at many different skill levels. If a computer programmer can benefit from a tutorial, just about anybody can.

Published: 2007

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