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Can my Xbox and computer use the same Internet connection?

Answer: Yes, it should be possible to hook up your Xbox and computer to your Internet connection at the same time. You first need to connect a router to your cable or DSL modem. Then connect your Xbox to the router with a standard Ethernet cable. If your computer is in close proximity to the Xbox, you can simply connect an Ethernet cable from the computer to the router and you have your solution. Everything connected to the router will share the same Internet connection, since the router is connected to the modem.

Note: Some ISPs require you to change your network settings if you are connecting through a router rather than directly to the modem. Check the manual that came with your modem for the correct settings if changes are required.

If it is not practical to connect the computer to the router via Ethernet (i.e. the computer is in another room), you may consider using a wireless connection. In this case, you will need a wireless router that also has at least one extra Ethernet port on it. This will allow you to connect the Xbox directly to the router and the computer will communicate wirelessly. You will also need to install a wireless (WiFi) card in your computer if it does not already have one. Even though the computer is connected wirelessly and the Xbox has a direct connection, they will both be on the same network and share the same Internet connection. It's certainly better than constantly unplugging and plugging in the Ethernet cable each time you switch between the computer and the Xbox!

Published: April 27, 2005 — by Per Christensson

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