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Better Borders

March 19, 2004 — by Per Christensson

I got so caught up in ranting about the endless spam filling my Inbox in my last update that I neglected to talk about the recent improvements I've made to the site. One thing I did was change the borders around the main white area on each page to be one pixel in width. This sounds like a small improvement, but it does make the pages look cleaner.

When I originally constructed the new site design, I used a "border" attribute in the table tag to create the border. Not only did this method not look as clean (it was too thick), but it only worked in Internet Explorer. Now I realize just about everybody uses IE, but "just about everybody" is not all inclusive. So I just set the color of the table to black and the cell color to white with a cellspacing of 1. Simple stuff, but I guess even an experienced Web developer can still learn new things.

I've also updated the E-mail and Chat Acronyms and the File Extensions pages. Thank you to all of you who have sent in your suggestions. Better yet, the Sharpened.net Random Joke is back on the Search Page. Please note I take no responsibility for stomach aches caused by any horrible jokes. Finally, I have cleaned up most of the advertisements on the site so the pages look a little cleaner. As always, if something on the site isn't working or if you don't like certain changes, let me know. Thanks.