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Half a Decade of Sharpened.net

June 13, 2004 — by Per Christensson

Somehow, I completely forgot. May 14, 2004, marked the 5th Anniversary of Sharpened.net, and I totally missed it. But, a month later, it's not too late to celebrate. =) My celebration plans include replying to visitors' e-mails and adding new computer terms to the Glossary. Sounds like a great time, I know.

It's pretty incredible that Sharpened.net has been around for over half a decade now. The site has certainly evolved in that time, hopefully for the better. I plan to continue working on and improving the site, even though my life is busier and filled with more responsibilities than in the early years of the Web site. Of course, the best way for me to make the site better is to build off visitors' feedback. So keep on writing and keep visiting the Number 1 computer and Internet resource on the Web.* Then you too can be part of the fun and excitement of Sharpened.net!

* based on no real data