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Construction Complete

July 25, 2004 — by Per Christensson

I'm happy to say that, after many hours of hard, arduous, toiling work, all the pages of Sharpened.net have been completed. As of a couple weeks ago, there were still some pages that were, ahem, "Under Construction." Nothing tarnishes a nice site like unfinished pages. And yet — there were still a couple of them floating around on Sharpened.net.

But no more! All the pages are complete and fully usable. Of course, I will still be continuing to update them with more links and information. But it's a nice feeling to not have loose ends lying around. So, take a look at the rebuilt Search Page and the new Sharp Sites page. I've also done more work on everybody's favorite Glossary and I've added a bunch of new extensions to the File Extensions page.

If that's not enough, I've updated some site-wide HTML to make the pages load a little faster. And who doesn't like a fast-loading Web site? So, I hope you enjoy the new, polished and fast-loading Sharpened.net!