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No Foolin'

May 5, 2005 — by Per Christensson

Well, I hope most of you were not fooled by last month's April Fools story. Though according to some of the mail I received, some of you actually were. I guess I'll have to write something even more ridiculous next year. Over the past month, I've added a significant number of new features, though I haven't posted an Editor's Update for awhile. Since there are so many new additions to mention, I think it's best just to list them one by one. So here they are:

  1. The Random Joke has returned! Look for the smiley face on this page and other pages throughout the site.
  2. A link to the Computer Term of the Day is now available on the home page. Now you can view the latest Sharpened.net updates and find out what the Term of the Day, right from the home page.
  3. Previous Editor Updates are back! Click the newspaper icon above the updates on the home page to view all the previous updates, five at a time.
  4. Alphabetical pages have been added to the Glossary. There are 26 new pages that list glossary terms starting with each letter of the alphabet. You can use the arrows to browse the glossary terms, one letter at a time. Start with the letter A and try it yourself!
  5. The File Extensions page has been completely revamped. All file extensions have been entered into a database and are now organized just like the Sharpened Glossary.
  6. Similarly, there are 26 new pages for file extensions starting with each letter of the alphabet. Start with the letter A and view the list.
Of course, I've also been hard at work adding dozens of new Glossary Terms and Help Center Articles, so there is plenty of new content to view as well. As you can see, I did a lot of work on the site last month, and that's no joke. =)