File Extensions

File Associations and Related File Types

File Extensions Beginning with "A"

.a Static Library
.a00 ALZip Second Split Archive File
.a01 ALZip Third Split Archive File
.a02 ALZip Fourth Split Archive File
.a2c Alice Object File
.a2m TS-AudioToMIDI Settings File
.a2m Adlib Tracker II File
.a2w Alice World
.a3l Authorware 3 Library
.a3m Authorware 3 Macintosh File
.a3w Authorware 3 Windows File
.a4l Authorware 4 Library
.a4m Authorware 4 Macintosh File
.a4w Authorware 4 Windows File
.a5l Authorware 5 Library
.a5w Authorware 5 Windows File
.a65 Authorware 6.5 File
.a6p Authorware 6 Program
.aa Audible Audio Book File
.aa Generic CD Image
.aa3 ATRAC Audio File
.aac Advanced Audio Coding File
.aawdef Ad-Aware Definitions File
.aax Audible Enhanced Audiobook File
.ab Applix Builder File
.ab DNA Sequence File
.ab1 DNA Electropherogram File
.ab3 PhotoImpact 3 Album File
.abbu Address Book Backup
.abc ABC Music Notation
.abc ABC Source File
.abcd AudioVisual Book Data File
.abf Adobe Binary Screen Font File
.abi DNA Chromatogram File
.abk Need for Speed Underground Audio File
.abk Automatic Backup File
.abm Photo Album
.abm Music Album
.abp AVS Barcode Profile
.abr Adobe Photoshop Brushes File
.abw AbiWord Document
.ac Autoconf Script
.ac$ AutoCAD Temporary File
.ac3 Audio Codec 3 File
.ac5 ArtCut 5 Document
.ac6 ArtCut 6 Document
.aca Agent Character Animation File
.acb AOL Cab Launcher
.acc Graphics Accounts Data File
.accdb Access 2007 Database File
.acd ACID Project File
.acd RSLogix 5000 Program
.ace WinAce Compressed File
.acf Agent Character Data File
.acfm Adobe Composite Font Metrics File
.acg Agent Preview File
.acl AutoCorrect List File
.acr ACRobot Script
.acr Acer eRecovery Management Backup File
.acr American College of Radiology File
.acrodata Acrobat Data File
.acs Agent Character File
.act ADPCM Compressed Audio File
.act FoxPro Documenting Wizard Action Diagram
.act Genesis3D Actor File
.action Automator Action
.acx Atari ST Program
.ad After Dark Screensaver
.ada Ada Source Code
.adb Ada Body File
.adc Scanstudio 16 Color Image
.add Dynamics AX Developer Documentation File
.ade Access Project Extension
.adf Amiga Disk File
.adg Ableton Device Group
.adi Dynamics AX Developer Documentation Index File
.adi AutoCAD Device-Independent Binary Plotter File
.adm Portfolio Admin-Level Access Flag
.adm Administrative Template File
.adoc AsciiDoc File
.adp Access Project
.adr Opera Bookmarks File
.ads Ada Specification File
.adt AutoCAD Audit Log
.adt ACT! Document Template
.adx Approach Index File
.adz Compressed Amiga Disk File
.aea Ae Timer Alarm Document
.aep After Effects Project
.aep Activ E-Book Project
.afm Adobe Font Metrics File
.afp Advanced Function Presentation File
.afp FileProtector Encrypted File
.afploc Apple Filing Protocol Location
.aft Family Tree Database
.agd Agile Advantage E-mail Attachment
.agi Asterisk Gateway Interface File
.agif Active GIF Creator Project
.agp ArtGem Project File
.ahd Dynamics AX Online Help Data File
.ahi Dynamics AX Online Help Index File
.ahk AutoHotkey Script
.ahl eMule Metadata File
.ahs Adobe Halftone Screen File
.ahx WinAHX Tracker Module
.ai Adobe Illustrator File
.aic Advanced Image Coding File
.aif Symbian Application Information File
.aif Audio Interchange File Format
.aifb AIF Builder Project File
.aifc Compressed Audio Interchange File
.aiff Audio Interchange File Format
.aim AOL Instant Messenger Launch File
.aim AIMMS ASCII Model File
.ain AIN Compressed File Archive
.aip Illustrator Plug-in
.air Adobe AIR Installation Package
.ais Velvet Studio Instrument
.ais ACDSee Image Sequence File
.aiu Advanced Installer Updates Configuration File
.ajp CCTV Video File
.akp Akai Sampler File
.al A-Law Compressed Sound Format
.alaw A-Law Compressed Sound Format
.alc Dynamics AX Label Description File
.ald Dynamics AX Application Label Data File
.ali Dynamics AX Label Index File
.all Cubasis Project File
.alt Dynamics AX Temporary File
.alz ALZip Archive
.am4 AutoPlay Media Studio 4 Project File
.am5 AutoPlay Media Studio 5 Project File
.am6 AutoPlay Media Studio 6 Project
.am7 AutoPlay Media Studio 7 Project
.amb AIMMS Model File
.amf Advanced Module File
.amfm Adobe Multiple Font Metrics File
.amr Adaptive Multi-Rate Codec File
.ams Velvet Studio Module
.ams Extreme Tracker Module
.ams Adobe Monitor Setup File
.amu PictureGear Studio Photo Album File
.amv Anime Music Video File
.amx AMX Mod Plugin File
.amx Adobe Motion Exchange File
.amxx AMX Mod X Plugin File
.an1 Street Atlas USA Draw File
.an8 Anim8or File
.ani Windows Animated Cursor
.anm 3D Animation File
.anme Anime Studio Document
.ann Help Annotations
.ans ANSI Text File
.aob DVD-Audio Audio Object File
.aod Dynamics AX Object Data File
.aoi Dynamics AX Application Object Index File
.aol America Online File
.ap Active Page
.apa RSView Development Project Archive
.apd Eclipse Plugin Descriptor File
.ape Monkey's Audio Lossless Audio File
.ape AVS Plugin Effects File
.api Acrobat Plug-in
.apk Android Package File
.apng Animated Portable Network Graphic
.app Symbian OS Application
.app Mac OS X Application
.app FoxPro Generated Application
.applescript AppleScript File
.apr ArcView Project File
.apz Autoplay Media Studio Exported Project
.ar Midtown Madness Data File
.ar Unix Static Library
.arc Compressed File Archive
.arc African Safari Data File
.arch00 F.E.A.R. Game Archive
.ard ArtiosCAD Workspace File
.arf WebEx Advanced Recording File
.ari ARI Compressed File Archive
.arj ARJ Compressed File Archive
.ark PowerDesk Pro Archive
.aro SteelArrow Web Application File
.arp Advanced RAR Password Recovery Setup
.arr Amber Graphic File
.arr Advanced RAR Password Recovery Project
.art Art Document
.art AOL Compressed Image File
.art Artifacts Artifact File
.artproj Artifacts Project
.as ActionScript File
.asa ASP Configuration File
.asat Assemble SAT 3D Model File
.asc ASCII Text File
.asc Autodesk ASCII Export File
.ascii ASCII Text File
.ascx ASP.NET User Control File
.ase Autodesk ASCII Scene Export File
.ase Velvet Studio Sample
.asf Advanced Systems Format File
.ashx ASP.NET Web Handler File
.ask askSam Database
.asl Photoshop Style
.asm Solid Edge Assembly File
.asm Assembly Language Source Code File
.asmx ASP.NET Web Service File
.asp Active Server Page
.aspx Active Server Page Extended File
.asr ActionScript Remote Document
.ast Adobe Color Separations Table
.ast ClarisWorks Assistant File
.asx Microsoft ASF Redirector File
.atf Photoshop Transfer Function File
.atn Photoshop Actions File
.atom Atom Syndication Format
.atr Atari Disk Image
.atrac Sony ATRAC Audio File
.atx Animation Master Plugin File
.aty Association Type Placeholder
.atz Aston Compiled Theme
.atz Atomic Time Zone File
.au Audio File
.au3 AutoIt v3 Script
.aud Video Game Compressed Audio File
.aup Audacity Project File
.avb Avid Bin File
.avi Audio Video Interleave File
.avl ArcView Legend File
.avr Audio Visual Research File
.avs AVS Preset File
.avs Application Visualization System File
.avs AviSynth Script File
.awb AMR-WB Audio File
.awc Emulex AWC Firmware Update File
.awd Award BIOS Update File
.awd Artweaver Document
.awd Microsoft Fax Document
.awg Activeworlds Object Group File
.awk AWK Script
.ax DirectShow Filter
.axm AXMEDIS Object
.axx AxCrypt Encrypted File
.azw Amazon Kindle eBook File