File Extensions

File Associations and Related File Types

File Extensions Beginning with "H"

.h C/C++/Objective-C Header File
.h10 At Home Canada 2010 Tax Return
.h11 At Home Canada 2011 Tax Return
.h12 At Home Canada 2012 Tax Return
.h1q Microsoft Help Merged Query Index File
.h3m Heroes 3 Map File
.h4r Heroes of Might and Magic IV Data File
.ha HA Compressed Archive
.ham Descent 2 Behavior and Resource File
.has Haskell Script
.hbc HyperBac Compressed Archive
.hbc2 HyperBac Compressed File Archive
.hbe HyperBac Compressed and Encrypted Archive
.hcx ChartXL Chart
.hd2 Poser Hand Pose File
.hda HotDocs Auto-Assemble File
.hdd Parallels Desktop Hard Disk
.hdf Hierarchical Data Format File
.hdi HotDocs Auto-Install File
.hdl HotDocs Library File
.hdm HDML File
.hdml Handheld Device Markup Language File
.hdmp Windows Heap Dump
.hdp HD Photo File
.hdr High Dynamic Range Image File
.hdz Compressed Poser Hand Pose File
.hex Hexadecimal Source File
.hex BinHex Encoded File
.hf HF Image
.hgl HP Graphics Language File
.hh C++ Header File
.hhc HTML Help Table of Contents
.hhh Power C Precompiled Header File
.hhk HTML Help Index
.hht Help and Support Center HHT File
.hid Sony Ericsson Remote Configuration
.hif Quicken Online File
.hip Houdini Project File
.hipnc Houdini Apprentice File
.his FindinSite Database Definition File
.hit The Sims Sound File
.hki WinHKI Archive
.hki1 WinHKI HKI1 Archive
.hki2 WinHKI HKI2 Archive
.hki3 WinHKI HKI3 Archive
.hkm Havok Movie File
.hl HeuristicLab Storage File
.hlb VMS / VAX Help Library
.hlp Windows Help File
.hlx ATI Radeon Video Driver Support File
.hm3 Help & Manual 3 Project
.hmk Hallmark Card Studio File
.hml HostMonitor TestList File
.hms HostMonitor Script File
.hmx Help & Manual 4 Project
.hog Descent or Descent 2 Mission File
.hot The Sims Sound File
.hpf High Performance Fortran File
.hpf HP9100A Program File
.hpgl HP Graphics Language Plotter File
.hpi Hemera Photo Objects Image File
.hpj Help Project File
.hpk HPack Compressed Archive
.hpl HP-GL Plotter File
.hpp C++ Header File
.hqx BinHex 4.0 Encoded File
.hr TRS-80 Image
.hr2 Poser Hair File
.hrf Hitachi Raster Format File
.hrz Compressed Poser Hair File
.hs Java HelpSet File
.hs Motorola Flash Flex File
.hs Haskell Script
.hs2 HyperRESEARCH 2 Study File
.hsk Huskey Truss & Building Supply Import File
.hst History File
.hta HTML Application
.htaccess Apache HTACCESS File
.htm Hypertext Markup Language File
.html Hypertext Markup Language File
.html0 Book Designer File
.htt Hypertext Template
.htx HTML Extension File
.htz4 HyperMaker 4 Publication
.htz5 HyperMaker 5 Publication
.hus Husqvarna Embroidery File
.hwp Hangul Text Document
.hxm Descent 2 Resource Modification
.hxs Help 2 Compiled Help File
.hyp Hyper Compressed Archive
.hz Chinese (Hanzi) Text