File Extensions

File Associations and Related File Types

File Extensions Beginning with "B"

.b BASIC Source File
.b Grand Theft Auto 3 Saved Game File
.b1 B1 Compressed Archive
.b2a Btoa Encoded File
.b5i BlindWrite 5 Disk Image
.b5t BlindWrite 5 Disc Track Information File
.b64 Base64 MIME-Encoded File
.b6i BlindWrite 6 Disc Image
.b6t BlindWrite 6 Track Information File
.ba Scifer External Header Archive
.bac Backup File
.backupdb Time Machine Backup Folder
.bad Exchange Badmail File
.bafl BurnAware File List
.bak Backup File
.bak Bookmarks Backup File
.band GarageBand Project File
.bap Blaze Audio Wave Information File
.bas BASIC Source Code File
.bat DOS Batch File
.bav AVG AntiVirus The Bat! Plugin File
.bb Blitz Source Code File
.bbc BBC BASIC Data File
.bbs Bulletin Board System Text
.bc BitComet Partially Downloaded File
.bc! BitComet Incomplete File
.bcf Business Card Designer Pro File
.bci Belarc Advisor Report File
.bck VMX Backup File
.bckp Ad-Aware Quarantined File
.bcm Microsoft Works Communications Script Backup
.bcm Business Contact Manager File
.bcmx Business Contact Manager Customization
.bcp Borland C++ Makefile
.bcp Business Card Designer Plus File
.bcp BlackMagic Custom Palette
.bdb Microsoft Works Database Backup File
.bdd CARA Sound Radiation Data File
.bdf Glyph Bitmap Distribution Format
.bdf MIDAS BDF Disk Image File
.bdf Binary Data File
.bdic Chrome Dictionary File
.bdp Exchange Diagnostic Message
.bdr Publisher Borders File
.bdr Exchange Non-Delivery Report Body File
.bean Bean Rich Text Document
.bet BETA Source File
.bf CryoBF Game Data File
.bfa Blowfish Encrypted File
.bfc Windows Briefcase File
.bgi BgInfo Configuration File
.bgl Babylon Glossary File
.bgl Flight Simulator Scenery File
.bgt Graphics Accounts Data File
.bh BlakHole Archive
.bhx BinHex Encoded File
.bib BibTeX Bibliography Database
.bib Bibliography Document
.bic Civilization 3 Scenario File
.bif Boot Information File
.big Electronic Arts Game Data File
.bik Bink Video File
.bik Video Game Movie File
.bin Macbinary Encoded File
.bin Binary Video File
.bin Generic Binary File
.bin Sega Genesis Game ROM
.bin Unix Executable File
.bin Binary Disc Image
.bip Character Studio Biped File
.biq Civilization 3 Scenario File
.bix Civilization 3 Scenario File
.bix Kodicom Video File
.biz Broderbund Business Card File
.bk FrameMaker Book File
.bkc Backup4all Backup Catalog
.bkf Windows Backup Utility File
.bkk BookBuddi eBook File
.bkp Backup File
.bks Microsoft Works Spreadsheet Backup File
.blb Blob Data File
.blb Dreamworks Resource File
.blend Blender 3D Data File
.blkrt Block Artist Image File
.blob Valve Steam Archive
.blp Blizzard Texture File
.bls Blockland Saved Game File
.blt AIM Buddy List
.blu FileMaker Pro Runtime Extension
.blz Compressed Bitmap Image
.bmc Embroidery Image File
.bmc Bitmap Cache File
.bmd GameCube 3D Model File
.bme BeatMania 7-Key Song File
.bmf Binary Material File
.bmf FloorPlan File
.bmk Help Bookmarks
.bml Bean Markup Language File
.bmp Bitmap Image File
.bms BeatMania Song File
.bms BIOWRAP Multi-Layer Security File
.bna Barna Word Processor Document
.bnd DB2 CLI Bind File
.bnk Test Drive Unlimited Data Package
.boc EasyWord Big Document
.bok TestGen Testbank File
.bok ProStores Dynamic Webpage
.bom Mac OS X Bill of Materials File
.boo Booasm Compressed Archive
.book Budget In Brief Book File
.bootskin Stardock Bootskin File
.box E-mail Mailbox
.box Kodicom Video
.box CARA Loudspeaker Design File
.bp2 AutoCAD Batch Plot File
.bp3 AutoCAD Batch Plot File
.bpa StorageSync Backup Archive
.bpb PowerDesigner Business Process Backup File
.bpg Borland Project Group
.bpl AutoCAD Batch Plot File
.bpl Borland Package Library
.bpm PowerDesigner Business Process Model
.bps Works Document Backup
.bpw Bitser Password File
.bpz Easy Blue Print Symbol Library
.br3 Bryce 3 Scene File
.br4 Bryce 4 Scene File
.br5 Bryce 5 Scene File
.brd EAGLE Circuit Board File
.bro CreataCard Brochure Project
.bro Broadleaf Tree Model
.bs2 BASIC Stamp 2 Code File
.bsa Bethesda Softworks Archive
.bsf Blu-ray AVC Video File
.bsp Quake Engine Game Map File
.bst BibTeX Style Document
.btapp uTorrent App
.btf NationsBank Check Images
.btif NationsBank Check Image File
.btm BizTalk Map File
.btoa Binary-to-ASCII Encoded File
.btw BarTender Label
.bu Samsung CCTV Video File
.buf Buffer File
.bun Cakewalk Bundle File
.bundle Mac OS X Application Bundle
.bup Backup File
.bup DVD IFO Backup File
.bvh Biovision Hierarchy Animation File
.bwa BlindWrite Disk Information File
.bwf Broadcast Wave File
.bwi BlindWrite CD/DVD Disc Image
.bws BlindWrite Sub Code File
.bwt BlindWrite 4 Track Information FIle
.bwz WinImage Batch Configuration File
.byu Brigham Young University Movie File
.bz Bzip Compressed File
.bz2 Bzip2 Compressed File
.bzip Bzip Compressed Archive
.bzip2 Bzip2 Compressed Archive