File Extensions

File Associations and Related File Types

File Extensions Beginning with "C"

.c C/C++ Source Code File
.c Lite-C Script
.c00 WinAce Split Archive File
.c01 WinAce Split Archive Part 1 File
.c01 Typhoon Wave Audio File
.c02 WinAce Split Archive Part 1 File
.c2d WinOnCD Disc Image
.c2u Texas Instruments CBL 2 OS File
.c4 JEDMICS Image File
.c4d Cinema 4D Model File
.ca Initial Telnet Cache
.cab Windows Cabinet File
.cache Cache File
.caf Core Audio File
.cag ClipArt Gallery Package
.cal Calendar File
.cal CALS Raster Graphic
.calb Coolect Album File
.cals CALS Raster Graphic File
.cam CASIO Digital Camera Picture File
.cam Gerber CAM Job File
.camrec Camtasia Studio Screen Recording
.can Canon Navigator Fax Document
.cap Construct Game Development File
.cap Packet Capture File
.capx Capella CapXML Score
.car CAR Archive
.car Car Explorer Data File
.cat Advanced Disk Catalog Database
.catpart CATIA V5 Part File
.cb7 Comic Book 7-Zip Archive
.cbf Calendar Builder File
.cbf ChessBase Game Information File
.cbg CyberGauge Data File
.cbk Backup Configuration File
.cbl COBOL Source Code File
.cbr Comic Book RAR Archive
.cbt Computer Based Training File
.cbt Comic Book TAR File
.cbz Comic Book Zip Archive
.cc C++ Source Code File
.ccd CloneCD Control File
.ccf CryptLoad Container File
.cch Corel Chart File
.ccn Compressed Multimedia Fusion File
.ccr ASTM Continuity of Care Record
.cct Director Protected Cast Resource
.ccx Click & Create Extension
.cd CD-i OptImage
.cd Visual Studio Class Diagram
.cd2 Click'N Design 3D File
.cd5 Chasys Draw Image File
.cda CD Audio Track Shortcut
.cdf Channel Definition Format
.cdf Common Data Format
.cdf Content Definition File
.cdf Nominal Small Business Accounting Company Data File
.cdi DiscJuggler Disc Image
.cdr CorelDRAW File
.cdr Raw CD Audio Data
.cdr Crash Data Retrieval Data File
.cdr Macintosh DVD/CD Master
.cdt CorelDRAW Template (Legacy)
.cdx Compound Index File
.ce ComputerEyes Image
.ceb Apabi eBook File
.cel Audition Loop
.cel MicroStation Cell Library
.celtx Celtx Project File
.cer Internet Security Certificate
.cf Sendmail Configuration File
.cf2 Common File Format File
.cff Common File Format
.cfg Configuration File
.cfg Citrix Server Connection File
.cfl IMVU Product File
.cfm ColdFusion Markup File
.cgf Crytek Geometry Format File
.cgi Common Gateway Interface Script
.cgm Computer Graphics Metafile
.cgp PixelCryptor Encrypted File
.cgr Quest3D Channel Group File
.cgz Linux Drivers Archive
.cgz Cube Map File
.cha IRC Chat Configuration
.cha Photoshop Channel Mixture
.cha Character Layout File
.charset Character Set
.chat IRC Chat Configuration File
.chef Chef Source Code File
.chg Quicken Online Data File
.chk Saved File Fragment
.chk StarCraft Chunk File
.chk InterCheck Checksum Database
.chl WinFast PVR2 Channel List
.chm Compiled HTML Help File
.chml Chameleon Encrypted Database File
.chn Ethnograph Data
.chord Song Chords File
.chr Borland Character Set File
.cht Emulator Cheat File
.chw Compiled Help Index File
.cidb iTunes CD Information File
.cif Easy CD Creator Disk Image
.cil Clip Gallery Packaged File
.cin Kodak Cineon Bitmap Image
.cit Intergraph Bitmap Image File
.ckd KeyCreator Design File
.ckt CircuitMaker File
.cl5 Easy CD Creator 5 Saved Project
.class Java Class File
.cld Canon CD Label Template
.clix CLIX Command File
.clkk Clicker Keyboard
.clkt Clicker Grid Set Template
.clkw Clicker Word Bank
.clkx Clicker Grid Set
.clp Windows Clipboard File
.clr Animate Color Set
.clr CryptLoad Router Information File
.cls Program Class File
.clx Ceelox SecureMail Secure Message
.cm Cable Modem Configuration File
.cm CLEO Custom Mission
.cm2 Poser Camera Set File
.cmd Windows Command File
.cmf Creative Music Format
.cmm Corel Multimedia Manager Album
.cmp Solid Edge Wire Harness File
.cmp Generic CADD Component File
.cmrec Camtasia Recording
.cms Content Management System
.cmx Corel Presentation Exchange Image
.cmz Compressed Poser Camera Set File
.cna Catena Project File
.cnc CNC Machine Tool Path
.cnf Telnet Configuration File
.cnt Help Contents File
.cnv Canvas 6-8 Drawing File
.cob COBOL Source Code File
.cod Compiled Source Code
.col Grand Theft Auto Collision File
.colorpicker Color Picker Plugin
.com DOS Command File
.comicdoc Comic Life Document
.component Mac OS X System Component
.con Concept Application Source File
.conf Unix Configuration File
.config Configuration File
.copy Sony Ericsson Protected Content
.cor CorelDRAW Drawing
.cox Click & Create Extension
.cp Captivate Source File
.cp Xcode C++ Source File
.cp3 Grand Prix 3 Cockpit Shape File
.cp9 ChoicePoint Encrypted File
.cpc CPC Compressed Image File
.cpd Compressed PhotoDefiner Image File
.cpg StarCraft Campaign File
.cpgz Compressed CPIO Archive
.cph Corel Print House File
.cpi Codepage Information File
.cpio Unix CPIO Archive
.cpl Windows Control Panel Item
.cpmz Miradi/ConPro Project File
.cpp C++ Source Code File
.cpr Cubase Project
.cps Corel Photo House File
.cpt Corel PHOTO-PAINT Image
.cpt Pocket Slides Presentation
.cpt Compact Pro Archive
.cpt Ccrypt Encrypted Archive
.cr2 Canon Raw 2 Image
.cr2 Poser Character Rigging File
.crd Guitar chord File
.crd Windows CardSpace File
.crdownload Chrome Partially Downloaded File
.crt Security Certificate
.crw Canon Raw CIFF Image File
.crwl Windows Crawl File
.crx Chromium Extension
.crz Compressed Poser Character Rigging File
.cs C# Source Code File
.cs CLEO Custom Script
.csa PNA Code Calset File
.csd Compact Shared Document
.csf Content Sealed Format
.csf Adobe Color Settings File
.csh C Shell Script
.csh Cubase Waveform File
.csh Photoshop Custom Shapes File
.csi ContentServ Include File
.csi EdLog Program Data File
.csm Character Studio Marker File
.cso Compressed ISO Disk Image
.csp Concept Server Page
.csproj Visual Studio C# Project
.css Cascading Style Sheet
.cst ContentServ Template
.csv Comma-Separated Values File
.ctf WhereIsIt Catalog File
.ctf Content Transformation File
.ctf AVG Update Control File
.ctg Canon Digital Camera Catalog
.ctl Visual Basic UserControl Object File
.ctt Messenger Contact List
.ctx Visual Basic Control Binary File
.cty SimCity City File
.cue Cue Sheet File
.cue CDRWIN Cue Sheet
.cui Autodesk Custom Workspace File
.cur Windows Cursor Image
.cut Dr. Halo Bitmap Image File
.cv5 Canvas 5 Drawing File
.cvc cVideo
.cvg Calamus Vector Graphic File
.cvi Canvas Image File
.cvi CassiniVision Map Image File
.cvn CineVision Encoding Session
.cvs Canvas 3 Drawing File
.cvx Canvas Drawing
.cwf CorelDRAW Workspace File
.cwk ClarisWorks Document
.cwp Cakewalk SONAR Project
.cws Claris Works Template
.cwz Circuit Wizard File
.cxt Director Protected Cast File
.cyberducklicense Cyberduck Donation Key
.cyberduckprofile Cyberduck Connection Profile
.cyi Clustify Input File
.cyo Clustify Output File
.cys Clustify Summary File
.cyw Rbot.CYW Worm File