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The End of an Era

September 30, 2008 — by Per Christensson

This update is being written on my new Mac Pro. I had to retire my trusty Power Mac G5 yesterday after just over four years of use. The memory controller on the logic board stopped functioning and I no longer can boot the computer. Now my once multi-tasking dream machine is nothing more than an aluminum shell.

It seems like an untimely demise for such a great computer. But looking back, the G5 definitely served me well. One of the first things I did with the G5 was completely redesign Sharpened.net. I also used it to start my Web development business and create several new websites. I used the G5 to build hundreds of Web pages and enter thousands of database entries. I imported over 10,000 photos to the G5 and edited several thousand more. The G5 moved with me to three different locations and never missed a beat. It was always the last thing I packed up and the first thing I moved. The G5 certainly held up well throughout the years.

While I realize the G5 is comprised of only silicon boards and hardware components, to me it was much more than a machine. It was part of my life. As I say goodbye to my faithful computer, I say goodbye to a legend. May its legacy live on.